Are you a Go(o)d Girl?

Are you a Go(o)d Girl?

Are you a Go(o)d Girl? Who is a Go(o)d Girl?

A Go(o)d Girl is any woman who loves God and lives her life in a way that will bring glory to Him.
She is an inspiration to other women in that she aligns her core values, leadership skills, and inner power with her spiritual & success goals so that she is helping to advance the kingdom's agenda.

She is spiritual yet she is wise on her practical application of spiritual principles. She encourages, equips, and empowers other women and she is eager to collaborate rather than compete with them. She understands that the person and the purpose must align in such a way that she is operating in excellence.

A Go(o)d Girl knows that happiness is not anything that she has to look for but rather something that she must be intentional about and create for herself. Her strength may be her sisters weakness but her weakness may be her sisters strength so she embraces community.

She is God's Girl so she is a Good Girl. The two co-exist.

She knows that she is not exempt from the trials of life but her unwavering faith has birthed the mantra, "You are Good, Girl because you are God's Girl."

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Blessings and Breakthroughs,

Pamela D. Smith

Spiritual Process

Spiritual Process

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