Being an inspiration to other women

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I sometimes think that the women empowerment movement is not taken as seriously as it should be. As a woman who has been faced with many giants and mountains, I feel that it is my divine responsibility to help other women find strength to climb their own mountains and slay the giants in their life. Luke 22:32 says, "when you are strengthened, then strengthen your brother." It is out of our own experiences that we are able to help the next person.

For many years a negative description has circulated about women. This description suggests that women are mean to one another, don't compliment each other, gossip about each other, tear each other down, and compete with each other. I really believe this is why the women empowerment movement begin. The intent was to start a viral commitment to do the opposite of what the negative description says of us. Listen to my audio about Go(o)d Girl's life enrichment:




Blessings and Breakthroughs to you,

Pamela D. Smith