March 2016

Power of Prayer

The communication between God and a believer can be life changing. It's the most important dialogue that a believer can engage in. The bible commands us to "pray without ceasing." Now this does not mean that you literally have to go around in a certain posture. It simply means that your mind must be stayed on Jesus. It means that your thoughts are aligned with God's word and before you make any decision, you talk to God about it. To pray without ceasing is about having a prayerful mindset; a mindset of gratitude, thanksgiving, and praise. 

Prayer has the ability to change your circumstance. Prayer causes shut doors to be opened for you. Prayer will get you a position that you do not qualify for but more importantly prayer builds the intimacy with God that we all need. Because of sin we all have a void, a void that only God can fill. How does He fill that void? During intimate prayer time. My prayer motto is: I PRAY AND GOD PERFORMS

Many Blessings

Scripture for today: Psalm 4: 1 "Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: you have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy on me, and hear my prayer."

Today's Affirmation: I will pray and God will perform

Today's Prayer: Father God I thank you that because of Jesus I have direct access to you. I thank you that I can come boldly to you in prayer. I know that there is nothing too hard for you. I lay every concern before you and I praise you because everything that concerns me, concerns you. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. In Jesus name. Amen

April 2016