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Psalm 34: 18, "The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."

Have you ever experienced a pain or a hurt that just broke your heart and crushed your spirit? 
Life happens to all of us. We all experience pain and hurt in different forms but the universal binder is that we all experience it. The good news is that God has given us His promise that He is close to the brokenhearted. He saves those who are crushed in spirit. Just when we begin to think that we can't bear the thing that is causing us pain, God gives us a second wind. We find our strength renewed. He knows just how much we can bear. 
If by chance you are experiencing any hurt or pain while reading this devotional, I want you to know that everything that concerns you, concerns God. Cast your care upon Him. The pain may not go away instantly but as you continue to trust Him you will experience the lifting of the weight of your situation. Keep in mind that the things that we go through is always bigger than us. If we embrace God's grace while going through, we will realize that "we go through to get to." God is using this situation, this trial, this test, not because He wants you to go "through", but because He is taking you "to." To your next level. To your purpose. To your destiny. To your calling.
Trust Him!!

God of Love, I  we thank you for your divine grace. i  thank you for healing my broken heart and for saving me when life crushes my spirit. There are times when I can't trace you but I ask that you will help me to trust you. Remind me of your word that says, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me." God, this trial, this burden, does not feel good but because YOU ARE, I know that I can do this because you have given me the strength.
I thank you and I love you.
In Jesus name.

Blessings and Breakthroughs,
Pamela D. Smith



Q: Dear Evangelist/Life Coach Pamela,
I need some life coaching, some help, or something. I'm dealing with this guy who has a baby mama/girlfriend. When I first got involved with him I was ok with that but now I have strong feelings for him and I'm not okay with it. I want him to leave her alone and I know that may not be right so that's why I feel that I need help. What do you think?

A: The first thing that you need to do is remove YOU from the situation. 3 is a crowd. No relationship can thrive when it involves 3 people. After you IMMEDIATELY remove you, then you need to work ON you. A woman that is "ok" with dealing with someone who is already involved with someone else has some internal issues that need to be dealt with. As women we may not be courageous enough to admit it but it's true. A woman is only okay with that when she doesn't feel as if she deserves better. 
You will never be happy bringing misery to someone else. It's going to be hard to let go, but you must. When you elevate your self-esteem and embrace your worthiness then you will attract.....and be attracted to.....someone who will commit to only you.
'll be praying for your courage! Thanks for the opportunity to share my insight. God's best to you.

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3 Stages of Letting Go

3 Stages of Letting Go:
1. Hurt
2. Heal
3. Happy

Letting Go is very hard. Especially when you have tangible and emotional investment in a person, idea, or situation. However the momentary hurt of letting go is by far a shorter time span that the years of hurt when you hold on. Many people don't like to let go because they feel that means they are weak or that they have failed. Letting go actually means you have enough wisdom to realize that there is no room for what's really for you because what's not for you is taking up space.
Yes you will initially hurt when you let go but if you surrender to the process, the hurt will be followed up with healing. Once healing takes place then you will experience authentic happiness.
Trust the process
What do you need to let go of? WHO do you need to let go of?
I pray your courage, followed by strength.....in the name of Jesus.

Tell me your thoughts below. What are you holding on to? Why are you holding on to it?
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Blessings and Breakthroughs,
Pamela D. Smith


The Power of Prayer

1 Thessalonians 5: 17, "pray without ceasing"
We have to submit our plans to the Lord. This requires us to pray without ceasing. Praying without ceasing means that you seek God in everything that you do. It means talking to God all of the time, not just when trouble shows up in our lives. Many people shy away from prayer because they have a misconception about prayer, but prayer is simply your dialogue with God. The best way to see a manifestation of your prayers is to pray the word of God back to God. God honors His word.
ome people pray so eloquently and scholarly but God is not moved by that. What moves the hand of God on your behalf is His word coupled with your faith.
No matter what you may be facing, take it to God in prayer and watch God change you for your situation.

Father in heaven,
come boldly to your throne of grace on today. God we ask that you would touch our sisters, our brothers and let them feel your presence like never before.
God we come casting all of our cares on you because you care for us. Lord we thank you for looking beyond our faults and seeing our needs.
Lord we speak your word over all those who may be sick today. You were wounded for our transgressions, you were bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace was upon you and by your stripes they are healed.
Lord we speak your word over those who may be worrying on today. Help them to keep their minds on you as your word says you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on you.
Lord we speak your word over those who are in need of a financial blessing. Your word says that we have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg for bread.
Lord we speak your word over those who don't know you on today. Your word says that if they will come to you, you won't cast them out.
God we confess our faults and we are thankful that you are faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
God get the glory out of our lives.
Thank you for your hand of protection upon our lives.
Give us courage to walk in our authority so much so that the anointing on our lives will break yokes off of others.
We glorify you and we love you.
In Jesus mighty  name.

Blessings and Breakthroughs,
Pamela D. Smith

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