July 2016


I am a Reader. I sometimes read for hours a day. 
Why do I read so much? Why should you read?
Reading is so important because it sparks your imagination and creativity. It intensifies your visualization skills nd your visualization skills is what causes things to manifest. If you can see it in your mind then you can possess it in your life. Read expands your mind so that you are able to:
Dream Big!
Dream Bigger!
hat may seem to be a big thing to you is but a small thing to God.
It's important that your mind expands and that you go from thinking to visualizing.
talk to a lot of people about their life and I always ask, "what are your goals?" The answer that I commonly receive is, "Well, I've been thinking....."
f you are one of those "well I've been thinking people" let me help you get unstuck.
here is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking but if that is all that you have been doing is thinking then you are going to find yourself in the same place 5 years from now. You need to read so that you can increase your mental capacity to hold big ideas.
Don't just think and wait.
Read and Dream!
Many Blessings!



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We are in desperate need of a healing in our land. We should take heed to the command in the bible that says, "pray without ceasing." About two weeks ago I preached a night of revival at a church and God led me to ask the question, "Can I find just one?" In the book of Ezekiel 22: 30, the scripture says, "So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one." God is looking for one intercessor, one person to stand in the gap for our land. We each have the ability to induce change for our land by praying. Today, let us unite in cyber prayer. 

Heavenly Father, we give thanks to you just for who you are. We realize that if it had not been for you on our side there is no telling where we would be. It's because of your love that we are not consumed, your mercies are new every morning. Great is your faithfulness. We're so glad that your grace said no. It said no to death, it said no to destruction, your grace said no to the devourer for our sake and for that we say thank you Lord.
e know that the world is in turmoil. We know that people are doing things that are in direct contradiction to the character of Christ but God we enter your presence with full confidence because we know that you are mighty in battle. We cast our cares upon you and we thank you for caring for us. God we trust you. You have never failed. Touch the heart of just 2 or 3 people around this nation that can intercede and pray and gather IN YOUR NAME. Your promise is that if two or three are gathered in your name you will be in the midst. God we desperately need you in the midst of all that is going on in the world.
ord you have set before us life and death, blessing and cursing but we need your wisdom, we need your strength, and we need your help to always choose life and blessing. We praise you. You are still good. We love you. We exalt you. Be exalted. Let it all work together for good.
In Jesus name. Amen


5 "Get Fixed Quick" Life Coaching Tips

Personal development is a priority. When we stop learning, we stop growing. At the beginning of 2016 I decided to "level up" with my personal development. I decided that I wanted to be whole which meant I had to start addressing all of me-spirit, mind, and body. For the last 7 years my focus was spirit and while that is a great thing, I realized that there are other components of me that needed nourishing and enriching. I became diligent with my holistic approach and because I did, my life is no longer out of balance.

Perfect alignment for me includes having inner peace and a clear plan for accomplishing the things in my heart woman. What does your perfect alignment look like?
Only you can give definition to YOUR perfect alignment.
I was in a coaching session with a young lady on last week and she shared with me that she was looking for improvement in her life-quickly! I immediately thought, "there is no quick fix" but afterwards I gave my thought, more thought. There ARE actually some things that you can do immediately that will bring instant change in your life. They may be small changes, but if you continue to build on the small changes they will become big changes.
Below are 5 "Get fixed quick" life coaching tips for you:
1. Ambition-the ambitious person aims high. They set high goals and they are willing to work to achieve those goals. I often say that progress is progress, so although the changes may be small, you will begin to see immediate changes in your life when you become ambitious.
2. Self-educate-I'm going to keep it real with you. It takes more than a college degree to master life. I have a Master's in Business Management and while I learned several principles about how to successfully set up and manage a business, I did not learn anything about how to master my life. The principles that I have learned in the last 10 years came from me seeking the knowledge, reading different books, and even investing in life coaches and business consultants. Those things are all  independent of my college degree. A Master of life is self-taught. Life principles do not come from a classroom.
3. Having an "exchange" mentality-Stop with the something for nothing belief. Understand that you must put something out into the universe in order to get something back from it. Whatever your wants and desires are, you must be clear about them as well as what you are going to give in exchange for those desires. The gambling belief (I can just roll a dice and try my luck and win big in life) is a set-up. This belief will drive you to failure because you won't be properly prepared for your increase.
4. Persistence-Do not give up at the first signs of defeat. Try, try, and try again. Just because things did not turn out good the first time does not mean that they never will. Tweak what needs to be tweaked and start over. Don't be a good starter but a poor finisher.
5. Appropriate Associations-Make no mistake. "Bad company corrupts good manners." This is not a command to dump all of your friends. This is just saying that you need to associate with people who have done what you are trying to do. You need people in your circle who are bigger and better than you. If you want it bad enough you will apply the same principles that they applied to live a full life. When your associations are appropriate it will force you to level up.

Life has been waiting on you. If not now, when?
I believe in you.
Blessings and Breakthroughs,
Pamela D. Smith


3 Life Coaching Tips to Living Empowered

Any people are looking for quick, easy steps to improve their life. That's totally understandable; after all who wants to think that it could take 3, 5, 7, or maybe 10 years to see improvement? I'll be the first to admit that when things are going wrong in my life I want an instant fix. Sure you can make an instant decision that you want to live empowered but it will require some repetitive work. The work is not necessarily hard work but it is continuous.

I found myself at a crossroad almost 8 years ago. I was desperate for things to improve and I was fooled by thinking that me just wanting to change would bring that manifestation into my life. Boy was I wrong. You see if you have been "thinking" that you want your life to change but that's all you have been doing is "thinking" then don't expect things to be different. It's only when you decide to act on your thoughts that things will begin to change.

As a minister and a life coach I have been able to give many people simple and practical tips that they could start doing IMMEDIATELY to begin to ignite change. These tips are things that I have implemented into my own life and they have made a huge difference.

I'm going to give you 3 life coaching tips that you can begin as soon as today. But before I do let me say this: I can boldly say that I live enriched and empowered everyday now. Is it because nothing ever goes wrong? Absolutely not. It's because I have the tools that work. These tips have worked for me in the past and they continue to work for me in an even greater way today. I now live by certain principles everyday so that I don't loose my power. My life has shifted from daily despair and depression to being equipped for victory when the thief (the devil, trials, tribulations, negative life influences, and even certain people) does come knocking at my door.
1. Decide- The first thing that you must do is to decide that you want more, you want better, and you believe that you deserve it. I was reading the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill and he said that successful people have the ability to make a decision quickly and they seldom change their decision while unsuccessful people take longer to make a decision and they change their minds often. In order to live empowered you must convince yourself that, that is the way that you want to live and no matter what tries to come against that decision you must have the courage to stand on it.
2. Determined- Be determined that this is the way that it is going to be. Things will happen that will make you question your decision but that's when your determination should kick in and you make a stand that sends a message to your subconscious that says "I've decided on what I want and I am determined to see it come to pass."
3. Declare- You must write out some affirmations and speak them out loud everyday. Declare that what you want is about to show up in your life. Everyday declare, "This is the day that it all comes together for me."

I am so excited to see your life moving in a different direction. If you are someone with a pretty good life then I am excited to see things go in a better direction for you.
Decide, (be) Determined, and Declare that greatness lies ahead for you.

P.S. Stay tuned for information on my new life coaching manual and audio. It will be available in September. Preparations are underway and I am excited to share it with you.
Many Blessings~~~

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