April 2018


What's your prayer strategy?Strategy? You might be saying. Yes, strategy. What plan do you have in place to manifest the things that you desire or the change that you wish to see? Anything that is to be accomplished requires a strategy and breakthroughs are no different. Prayer should not just be some routine thing that we do with the same routine words that we say. If you are aiming for something specific then you will need a strategy.
Strategy: A plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.
Whatever it is that you are aiming for or trying to achieve, will require strategy. If your aim is to be healed then your strategy should be to confess the word of God on healing and your prayer should be specific to healing. If you want to see someone delivered and set free then your strategy should be to confess what God has said about them (even when they mess up) and your prayer should be specific to them being delivered and living the abundant life that God has called them to live.

One of the ways that I create my strategy is through a prayer journal. I shared with you a few weeks ago about the benefits of prayer journaling. I have published a 21-day journal that is very strategic and will help you enhance your prayer life and see some breakthroughs.
Because we wanted to keep the price low, my team and I decided to make the physical copies available only in person. This will avoid anyone having to pay shipping and handling costs and the actual cost of the physical copies covers what we have to pay to have them printed. We do have digital copies available.You can download and print these and work through this for 21 days. I guarantee there will be a shift in your spirit and a breakthrough in your prayer life!

Here's the link to download your copy for only $2.99! Yes you read that right, $2.99! Don't put it off. The enemy right now is strategizing against you. What's your strategy?

Blessings and Breakthroughs to you!

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