Dear Go(o)d Girl Snippet

Hey Go(o)d Girl,

I am back again to share more of our inspirational read, Dear Go(o)d Girl, with you.
"What then does it mean for a woman to be a Go(o)d Girl? This expression means that she is God's and she is Good. A Go(o)d Girl is divine and she is domesticated. The word divinely is an adverb that means "by the power of God" and/or "in a pleasing or delightful way." The word domesticated means "fond of home life and housework." Now I know a lot of women will say that they hate household duties yet, we manage to get things, pertaining to our home, done. We smile on the inside when we cook a meal that our families rave about. Our souls melt when our husbands enjoy and crave our bodies. Our hearts are warmed when our children lay on us and demand our attention. We are actually more fond of the things, pertaining to or home, than we realize."

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Happy Reading!

Pamela D. Smith