Pamela is so passionate about helping Christian, inspirational, self-help, non-fiction authors put their pen to paper and transform their lives and the lives of others through authorship that she created the Christian Lifestyle Brand, AUTHORity. She believes that there is power in the written word and when writers publish their work it gives them influence and they are able to make an impact on those who read and apply what they have written. After three years of having an open publishing service, Pamela saw the need to develop a program to better assist aspiring authors from writing to publication. Because this streamlined author coaching program titled, IT IS WRITTEN,  is very detailed and designed to help aspiring authors from writing their book to publish and launching it, it only has open enrollment twice per year and is limited to writers who desire to turn their story/testimony into a devotional to help other women with spiritual, personal, and ministerial growth and development. Please complete a contact form   if you want to be notified of the next enrollment. In the meantime, take advantage of the resources for authors.

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