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Personal Branding, Leadership Development, and Service Advisory Tips for Emerging Black Leaders

Visionary Author:

Pamela D. Smith

Contributing Authors:

Randall R. Smith, Sr.

Cha'Darius L. Spencer

Randall R. Smith, Jr.

RaTiage J. Smith


This book was written to empower and equip emerging black leaders to build personal brands and position themselves as leaders. The ability to lead is not about a title or a position, but a collection of skills that can be learned and improved on. With memories in mind and lived experiences to glean from, the authors are inspiring black faces (African Americans and people of color) to identify with the beauty of who you are and to use the courage, strength, and resilience that you were born with to position yourself as a leader and influence those in your school, home, community, and/or career. This book provides personal development tips, leadership development tips, and the framework for building a personal brand. Readers will learn how leadership at home helps with leading in society, community service and impact, how to be an influencer in your social circle, how to stand out amongst your schoolmates, teammates, peers, and colleagues, and so much more.


Literary Titan


"Blackface book brings positivity to the words black face and gets readers to revisit the misrepresentation of the term. The way the book is written is not to try to forget history, but to use negative experiences to become a leader. This powerful and inspiring book debunks the stereotypes given to African Americans. I feel this book can be relatable to people of different races, not just African Americans. This book inspires and provides tips on how to be a leader for yourself and how to be the best version of yourself no matter what you face in the world. The author's are honest and open and  their vulnerability is a remarkable feature of their writing. Every chapter in Blackface has a lesson that readers will benefit from as they learn how to brand themselves."

"This book is everything. It was written for emerging black leaders, but the rich content is beneficial to those who have already been operating as a leader for years. It is practical, empowering, engaging, and informative. There is so much to learn from this book and it is written in a way that is easy to implement and apply to your life. I highly recommend this book."

Emily Patterson

Awesome book! This is an educational and encouraging book all together. Usually educational books are long and drawn out, but this book is to the point and powerful. I love that the lessons are well organized and flow with the stories/experiences. From the leadership tips to the personal branding framework, this is the book to help us all stand in our greatness as black face leaders. The title is everything!!


Blackface book cover.png